Achema 2018 Retroperspective

Published on 03.07.18 in Allgemein

On the occasion of this year’s Achema SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has presented its new „Vari-Familywhich consists of a complete new serie of polarimeter and refractometer and other devices.

All these instruments are based on a common hardware platform with the latest ultrafast computing power. This new hardware platform enables the user to communicate intuitively

and fast.  The measurement as well as the integrated peltier thermostatisation acts very fast and precise. The display is clearly arranged and can be organized by the customer himself according to its needs. Various display sizes are available and can be even interchanged between different types of instruments. Full tracability of the results according to the pharmaceutic regulations of 21 CFR Part11 are integrated.

Last not least the new Vari-Family offers a trendsetting way of communication. The instruments can be addressed from various points of access, through tablets, smartphones or remote desktops. Without neglecting data security and access control.

Besides the lab portfolio SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has completed its line of process refractometers with an ATEX approved version (ATEX Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T4) and a new compact refractometric sensor.

All inline refractometers can be now monitored from the distance via LAN or W-LAN using the  newly developped App.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH now offers a complete range of inline refractometers (brix measurement) ranging from the highest resolution to be applied in monitoring condensates up to ultracompact versions to be integrated in monitoring the concentration of liquids in machines.