What does „Brix mean?

Brix is the best-known standard scale for refractometer, part of the ICUMSA Method Book and certified by PTB. It is a mathematical function describing specific concentration of sucrose solved in water (dry substance content) as a function of the refractive index considering temperature influence.

Explanation of the Brix scale

Brix is ​​a mathematical function that describes the specific concentration of dissolved sucrose in water (dry matter content) as a function of the refractive index, taking into account the influence of temperature.

Scope of application of the Brix scale

Besides the sugar industry Brix scale is traditionally used in all parts of food processing, e.g. for wine, fruit juice and jam. Brix scale is applied for quality control of coolants and emulsions as well.
A liquid has 1 degree Brix, if it has the same density as a solution of 1 gram of sucrose solved in 100 grams of sucrose/water solution (% w/w).