Samplify P®

Automatic sampling

Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities of lab automation! The new automatic liquid sampling system Samplify P can be connected to Schmidt + Haensch laboratory instruments such as all refractometers, polarimeters, density meters, and colorimeters, allowing a precise sample feeding of the instruments as well as an already included cleaning cycle.

ID-N° 16100


  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles
  • Customized sample handling
  • Easy coupling to Schmidt + Haensch devices
  • Wireless communication to laptops/tablets
  • Handling of sensitive samples

Easy in Use

This automatic sampler is controllable with a dedicated software, allowing a user-friendly access to all settings and adaptations of new applications and wireless communication to laptops or tablets.

All measuring results of all integrated instruments can be processed, saved, and printed. Samplify P® supports your daily workflow of liquid handling and is the perfect add-on for Schmidt + Haensch refractometers, density meters and photometers. It offers a high degree of flexibility, is easy to operate, and is economical. Samplify P® has automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles and is freely programmable.


Samplify P® is designed for the automatic sample filling of Schmidt + Haensch laboratory instruments. The user immediately receives feedback of measurement values and data storage. It is particularly developed for pipetting and dosing small volumes. Four customizable sample trays allow for large a number of samples and a high volume of product for testing.

Product in depth

The Samplify P® has a high sample throughput. Different solvents are applicable for cleaning processes. This product includes an adjustable cleaning regime and integrated membrane pump for drying the complete fluidic systems.

Setting up a method is executed through a simple Excel© file, which will also display measurements results. The powerful syringe pump is able to puncture protective septa, ensuring highest sample purities and long-term sample stability.

Parameters like sample volume or number and amount of cleaning solutions are always adjustable for your specific application. Configurable settings depend on sample viscosities. The Samplfy P® offers an adjustable piping system and different capillaries.



ForceContinuous force ≈ 50 N
Operating Length190 mm
Stroke Z-axis120 mm
Precision0.1 mm


InterfacesIn: 4 x 24 V Digital
Out: 2 x 24 V, potential free, max. 6 A
Analog input 0-2 V, 14 bit
PumpsSyringe pump (50 ml)
SystemControl board with RISC processor and wireless communication / remote control via notebook


Vial plateTray for 4 x 8 vials
Sample volume per vial20 ml, customized volumes possible
Mechanical interfacePTFE tube OD 3.2mm, 1/4″-28UNF screw connection


Power Supply InputInput 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Supply Output24 V, 3000 mA
Power Demand / 72 W max.
Current Consumptionca. 1.5 A
Electrical SafetyIntegrated shortcut and overvoltage protection
Fusesinternal, max. input: 2.5 A / 30 V


Dimensions Basisca. 375 x 375 x 60 mm (W x D x H)
Dimensions Scara100 x 100 x 450 mm ( r1 x r2 x H)
Weightca. 8.7 kg with liquid handling unit


AccessoriesComplete with 50 ml syringe, needle, adapter, tubing & needle washing unit
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