T-CELL Polarimeter Tubes

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T-CELL Polarimeter Tubes

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is completing his broad range of polarimeter tubes with new developed T-CELLs.

The optical activity of the sample, measured in angular degree, is a physical property of the dissolved optically active substance. The measured rotation is directly influenced by the concentration and the specific optical rotation of the active substance as well as the temperature, the tube length and the wavelength of the used light. The temperature dependency is specific for each substance.

To be able to compare several measuring values, the reference temperature for polarimetric measurements is 20 °C (or 25 °C). For some substances the effects of temperature changes on the measured angle are well-known. One example is sucrose solution. Most polarimeters have implemented the so-called sugar scale °Z, which includes a factor to automatically compensate for the temperature dependency using integrated temperature measurement of the sample.

For all other substances and multiple compound solutions the customer should measure at the reference temperature of 20 °C. Otherwise a lower precision of the measuring value will be the consequence.

The most common way to cool or heat the sample is to connect the sample tube with an external water bath. This is still the best solution for fast serial measurements with large sample volume.

Nowadays polarimeter tubes with integrated Peltier-elements are available. SCHMIDT + HAENSCHs new developed T-CELLs are controlled by a separate, user friendly electronic unit which has own power supply.

Temperatures are set on directly at the polarimeter in special software menu.

Even through the reference temperature for polarimetric measurement is 20 °C or 25 °C SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s T-CELLs have the capability to heat and cool samples in a wider range from 18 °C till 40 °C in shortest time for special applications. This is allowing even the analysis of temperature dependencies for individual substances.


  • Accurate temperature control without external water circulator
  • Broad temperature range can be controlled (18 °C – 40 °C)
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Fast cooling of warm samples within a few minutes
  • Tube length 100 mm or 200 mm and with micro volume tubes
  • Single or flow through measurement
  • Made from stainless steel
  • T-Cell is splash prove (IP65)
  • Automatic recognition of tube length and thermal extension coefficient by the polarimeter
  • Can be used in all S+H digital polarimeters of Unipol L series
  • T-Cell calibration kit for temperature validation and calibration


T-Cell Polarimeter Tubes

T-Cell Polarimeter Tubes Automatic electronic heating and cooling of the sample
Temperature range * 18 °C - 40 °C
Temperature precision ± 0.1 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.05 °C
Time for Δt = 10 °C ** < 10 min
Tube length 100mm / 100mm (micro volume) / 200mm
Sample volume approx. 12 cm³ / 0.7 cm³ / 17 cm³
Contact material Stainless steel
float glass
Protection class IP65

* For maximum ambient temperature of 28°C

** Depends on ambient temperature

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