On-line process-analysis-automation

On-line Ca++ analysator

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  • Continuous analysis of Ca++ content
  • Process optimization
  • Reducing of Ca++ consumption
  • Up to 5 samples per system
  • Automatic cleaning cycles
Automatic on-line Ca++ analyser system

The PC controlled system enables the analysis of up to 5 different products in a defined operated sequence, depending on the factory. The automatic on-line Ca++ analyser system measures and calculates the Ca++ contents of thin juices by means of a complexiometric titration. The active decalcification column will trigger the analyser via the customer’s data monitoring system. The data sequences need to be defined by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH, a RS 232 bidirectional interface will be provided. The automatic on-line Ca++ analyser system measures the Ca++ content by means of an EDTA titration system. The titration will be monitored using a combined Ca++ electrode. The automatic on-line Ca++ analyser system consists of a sample collection and selection module and a system control module. After collection and selection, the samples are pumped to a central measuring reactor of the analysis module. A defined volume of the product is measured and temperated to 20 °C. A buffer solution is injected towards a defined pH value. Then, it is automatically titrated with EDTA and the point with the largest slope determined.

The PC governs all modules and components of the system. The parameters of the control program can be set individually and controls all process steps.

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