Customer scales


Often not the refractive index itself is interesting, but a more speficic measuring value is. This could be the concentration of a solved substance in water, for example.


  • Concentration cooling lubricant
  • Concentration antifreeze agent
  • Sucrose conzentration (Brix), or other sugar types as well, e.g. glucose, fructose, etc.
  • Saline solutions, e.g. potassium fluoride, sodium chloride, sodium bromide, …
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Water in honey
  • Water in alcohol („dryness“ of solvents)

Figure: Refractive index course (nD) of ethanol in water at 20°C.


We “translate” the refractive index into a measuring value of your choice, basically there are unlimited possibilities. You can display various parameters on your display. You have the choice: frost resistance (freezing point depression), water content, volume concentration, mass concentration, amount of substance concentration (molarity), molality, substance amount fraction, etc.

The scale can be temperature compensated on request. This means, the scale works more reliable in a wider temperature range. Thats important to save time at temperature control of laboratory refractometers. Because of time critical measurements and lack of the possibility for temperature control the temperature compensation is especially important for process refractometers.

Quality of the scale

For the highest scale quality, that means the highest accuracies,  rely on our reference goniometer. In most cases measuring with the standard refractometer is sufficient. We will be pleased to advise you in terms of accessible accuracies.


If you get your scale together with an instrument from Schmidt + Haensch, we will pre-configure everything for you and you can start measuring your specific substance immediately.