Concentration Range of Cooling Lubricants

Cooling lubricants and the metal-cutting industry have undergone a tremendous development in recent years. The cooling lubricants no longer only have the primary task of cooling and lubricating tools, they also have a crucial influence on surface quality and the manufacturing tolerances of the semi-finished product. The control intervals required by the German law only consider occupational safety which the user must implement.

The German standard for this is the TRGS 611 but is not necessarily sufficient fir the high demands in metal-cutting productions.

With our innovative process sensors, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH we offer an industrially proven solution for 24/7 monitoring of the concentration range of cooling lubricants. We not only ensures compliance with European safety standards of occupational safety, but our instruments will also surely meet the high standards of ​​production. Our in-line process sensors, namely the iPR C2 that was specifically scaled for cooling-lubricant concentration measurements.

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Refractometric process control and concentration of cutting oils and lubricants

Cutting and cooling oils and lubricants are a major consumable in modern CNC machines. Using these most efficiently can cut costs and preserve resources.
In order to guarantee a constant product quality and efficient machine performance the concentration of the oils and lubricants has to be controlled.

With our process refractometers we provide reliable instruments to control this parameter inline and in real-time. With the 4-20mA signal from our units a dosing valve can be operated to adjust the concentration directly.

Point of use
· CNC machine lubricants and cutting oils
· Ensurance of optimum performance of drilling and cutting machine
· Cutting oil buffer tank for larger machinery assembly

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