Scales for refractometers

Samples and their refractive index (nD)

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers a number of different refractometers that can be used to determine the refractive index and liquid  concentration of a variety of samples. In order to choose the optimum process refractometer or laboratory refractometer for your specific application, the scale of your sample and desired measuring temperature needs to be determined. This will not only increase the reliability of your measuring results but will also help you to save costs by choosing the right refractometer for you. Programming multiple scales within one refractometer is also possible. 

In the table below, the refractive indices of a variety of samples have been precisely determined, measured at 20°C and λ = 589 nm as reference measurement. Different temperatures result in different refractive indexes (nD). Should you miss a sample in the table or need a different temperature reference, please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions. 

We offer scale development, application consulting and engineering of new applications to our customers. Our sales team is happy to answer your questions.