Process Instruments

Process Instruments

With SCHMIDT + HAENSCH process sensors and refractometers, industrial measurements become simple: liquid concentration measurements and mixing ratio analysis are always reliable  regardless of turbidity, color, absorption and viscosity. Our range of process instruments will  ensure maximum measuring precision and better control of your production processes.

Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory instruments manufactured by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH are used in laboratories worldwide for quality control, material identification, and concentration measurements. Relevant for industries such as food and beverage, agricultural, pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer and petrochemical, our instruments deliver bench-top measurements with the highest precision, reliability, and usability.

Laboratory Automation

In order to optimize your laboratory measurements,  SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers customized modular laboratory systems with different degree of automation. In addition to saving time and resources, automatic filtration systems, sample preparations and dosage control help to minimize errors. 

Factory Automation

Bring high-end analytics right onto your factory floor! SCHMIDT + HAENSCH all-inclusive automation systems work in- and on-line with your production process. The customized, off-shelf solutions deliver results directly into your control-room, allowing you to closely monitor and control your production process. With direct integration into your operation control, you will be able to react in-time to any alteration and secure highest product quality and optimum use of resources.

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