iPR C2

Compact Inline Process Refractometer

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s general type process refractometer is made to last. The iPR C2 is an ideal all-round instrument for measuring liquid concentration in a wide range of industrial applications. This compact inline process refractometer performs real time industrial measurements under all conditions for quality control fully in-line with your production process. Automatic temperature compensation for Brix scale is standard; other scales are programmable. The excellent price/performance ratio is an additional reason for the process refractometer’s success.

ID-N° 16266 VariVent connection (more in specifications below) 


  • Compact and light size, easily fitting tight conditions
  • Connects easily with ethernet (local area network) and Wifi (wireless local area network)
  • Use of smart design and materials to withstand process conditions up to 65 °C and aggressive fluids
  • Simple, flexible, and uncompromising integration into your process through analog and digital interfaces
  • Technically easy to implement and low-cost integration as well as maintenance
  • Long-standing, proven technology for years in a wide variety of applications

Easy in Use

The iPR-C is simply and flexibly integrated into your process. With its digital and analog interfaces, it allows for easy, real-time monitoring through your ethernet or WLAN. It delivers continuous measurement and real-time process control with analog and digital outputs, limit comparator, internal diagnostics , and programmable temperature compensation.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s iPRs are virtually maintenance free and will allow for your industrial measurements to be performed hygienically and without loss of product. Measurements are reliable and accurate – no recalibration needed.

Product in depth

The iPR-Compact 2 is the smallest in-line process refractometer we have yet designed. With its uniquely small proportions of only 69 mm x 130 mm, it is particularly fitting for  applications that only allow small sizes – whilst maintaining the fit of all communication interfaces. With this device, both 4-20 mA as well as RS232 (or RS 422) exits are covered. Smart engineering with cooling fins and a stainless-steel base make usage possible during high process temperatures (up to 65°C) or with aggressive liquids. As an all-round standard process refractometer, the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH iPR-C is highly requested in the determination of mixing ratios within a range of industries, including chemical, metal, mining and cooling lubricant monitoring for cooling systems, tooling machinery, and automotive industries. It is also used for food and beverage, quality control, renewable resources, sanitary and household products, semiconductor, and tooling machinery industries.


Measuring range  1.3320 – 1.4209 RI
Resolution 0.0001 RI
Measuring range Brix 0 – 50 Brix (automatic temperature correction 10 °C – 50 °C)
Resolution Brix 0.05 Brix
Refractive index accuracy / Brix +/- 0.0002 RI / +/- 0.15 Brix
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.2 °C
Temperature resolution +/- 0.01 °C
Process temperature – 10 °C  to + 65 °C
Ambient temperature – 10 °C  to + 45 °C
Process contact material YAG; stainless steel, optional: PTFE
Max. pressure 10 bar (1MPa)
Power supply 24 V DC < 75 mQ (20 V – 28 V)
Light source  589 nm LED
Analog data output 4 – 20 mA – active output

Burden [300 Ω]

Digital output Serial communication over RS232,

RS422 (switchable) and USB

Display As an accessory: can be used next to the iPR or several meters away
Software Configuration program for :

serial output, analogue output, monitoring of measured values and saving

Process connection Optional: VariVent-Inline (Tuchenhagen) or APV-Inline (APV)
Other options Prism cleaning unit
Dimension 150 mm x 65 mm (length x diameter)
Weight 1000 g



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