In-line Process Instruments

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In-line Process Instruments

All our in-line process refractometers and sensors perform industrial measurements continuously and in real time. This technology is also known as PAT (Process Analytical Technology). PAT by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH allows you to monitor and control your process without product loss or process divergence – always fully in line with your production.

With SCHMIDT + HAENSCH process sensors and refractometers, quality control and the determination of liquid concentration and mixing ratios becomes easy: Measurements are always reliable an independent of turbidity, color, absorption and viscosity – ensuring maximum precision and better control of your processes.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is also a manufacturing methodology for high value chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Critical parameters (CPPs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) of the process are thoroughly understood, well-defined and continually monitored in order to ensure that the pre-defined critical quality attributes (CQA) of the final product are consistently achieved. PAT measures key quality and performance indicators in raw materials, in-process materials and processes in real-time. A well designed PAT-based process is stable, ensuring that the critical parameters and indicators remain within pre-described limits to ensure product quality and process safety.

Our range of in-line process instruments


Full-range inline measurements

iPR C2

Compact Inline Process Refractometer

iPR EX – Explosion Protected

ATEX inline Measurements

Hygenic Design Process Refractometer


Inline Process Refractometer with Certified Hygienic Design

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH iCS Inline Concentration Sensor


Ethylene Glycol Sensor

WLAN Adapter for process control

App controlled connectivity


High-Resolution Refractometer

iPR B3

Inline Brix Refractometer


Cooling lubricant sensor

iCS Concentration Sensor

Customizable process sensor

Applications for process refractometers & sensors

An important area of application is the food-analysis. For example the investigation of oils or fat, sugar and sugar containing substances. Also beer and spirituous beverages belong to the material class, which are investigated by refractometry as well as clinical chemistry. Furthermore, refractometers are used as universal detectors in the investigation of liquids. Find out about all possible applications of Schmidt + Haensch process analystical technology (PAT) below, or see a full list of application notes here.

Pub food, bbq burgers and beer

Food and beverage

Abandoned Oil Refinery Gas Tank and Rusty Pipeline

Chemical, petrochemical and chemical fibre

Assortment of sugar

Sugar, starch and sweeteners

Black and white photo of modern brewery equipment with pipes and fermenting tanks

Biofuels and fermentation

Pharmaceutical Drugs on the Blue Background


Paper Factory Manufacturing Industrial Storage Warehouse

Pulp and paper

Rows of Tobacco Plants


Close-up electric green embedded microcircuits in production

Semiconductor and electronics industry

Finishing metal working on high precision grinding machine in workshop

Mechanical processing and mining industry

Electric Light Point Installing

Electricity, energy industry

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