Spectrophotometer and Colorimeter


Spectrophotometer and Colorimeter

Color is a decisive criterion when evaluating product quality. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH develops and manufactures instruments for the spectrophotometric and colorimetric determination of liquid color and color grading of crystallized sugar and wort. Relevant in the food and beverage sector, sugar production and chemical industry, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Spectrophotometers will redefine your quality control.

With SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Spectrophotometers, you will reliably maintain the highest possible product quality and comply with international norms and standards, such as the ICUMSA and more.

Our range of Spectrophotometer and Colorimeter

Saccharoflex 2020
Reflectance colorimeter
Coloromat® 100
Spectrophotometer for Color Measurement

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