Full-range inline measurements

A flagship in our product folio is the inline Process Refractometer-Full Range2. It is outwardly indistinguishable from the iPR HR2 but the integrated optics and electronics are designed to provide a particularly very wide measuring range from 1.3200 – 1.5300 RI (0-100 Brix). Without major compromises in resolution of 0.01 Brix and accuracy from +/- 0.05 Brix. Thanks to its integrated water cooling system, measurements at process temperatures of up to 150 °C are easily possible.

ID-N° 10970 VariVent connection 

ID-N° 10971 TriClamp connection

ID-N° 10972 APV connection 


  • Permanent real-time concentration measurement
  • Wide measuring range and broad range of applications
  • User defined scales programmable
  • Simple and certified calibration
  • Suitable for tough conditions and aggressive chemicals, sample temperatures up to 150 °C
  • Compliance with food and beverage regulations and standards
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) with liquid-based or ultrasonic cleaning device

Easy to Use

The refractometer iPR FR2 is a stand-alone process sensor with integrated, illuminated display which does not require an external electronic unit. Its special design and electronic configuration make it highly flexible and easy to operate. The programming with Microsoft Windows software is also straightforward. Optional Data Logger is also available. The iPR FR2 measuring head can be installed in pipes, reactor vessels, mixing tanks, kettles, boiling pans, and evaporators, using different weld-in flanges.

Product in depth

This process refractometer lasts in the roughest conditions while delivering precise and reliable industrial measurements. With a certified IP69K protection class tested by the reliable German standardization institution TÜV, it can simultaneously withstand aggressive chemicals and high temperatures.

For flexibility in use, the product has two analog and two digital interfaces so that you can fully and easily integrate the measuring head into your production process.

A selection of cost-effective process flanges, the VariVent, and other connection devices accompany the iPR-H3, with which the instrument is technically easy to implement.

With the pig pipe addition, the iPR FR2 allows for Cleaning In Place (CIP).


Measuring range 11.3200 – 1.5300 RI / 0-100 Brix
Measuring range 21.4200 – 1.6000 RI / 50 – 100 Brix
Resolution0.00001 RI / 0.01 Brix
Accuracy± 0.00007 RI / ± 0.05 Brix at 25° C
Process temperature-10 °C to 150 °C (with water cooling)
Ambient temperature-10 ° to +45 °C
Pressure load capacityMPa (145 psi, 10 bar) – up to 30 bar available with APV conncection
Temperature measurementNTC sensor for measurement of sample temperature placed inside the prism
Interfaces2 insulated 4 – 20 mA analog outputs
2 digital output switch (up to 1 A)
1 serial output (RS232, alternativly RS485 or USB)
Power supply24 V DC
Light source / wavelength589 nm LED
Process pressure (max.)MPa (145 psi, 10 bar)
Process contact materialSapphire, Stainless steel or Hastelloy
Mounting accessoriesVariVent (Tuchenhagen), APV or TriClamp*

* Optional



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