Lab Accessories

Laboratory Accessories

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers a wide range of accessories, small parts, and consumables for its instruments, ranging from tubes to quartz calibration plates. Please note that accessories and accessory material both depend on your specific application. If you need assistance in finding the correct accessory for your laboratory measurements, please contact our sales team

Silent oil compressor
Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel
Celite filter aid
Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel
Filter pads
Whatman® qualitative filter paper
Flow-through tube thermostatable
Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Coloromat®
Flow-through tube
Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Coloromat®
VariVent in-line housing 90°
Hygienic valve housing with angle
VariVent in-line housing
Hygienic valve housing
iCS Bypass
Bypass for process sensors
Precision balances
Accessory for AutoDosage automatic dosage system
Calibration standards
Sugar color determination
Aquisys Software
Intelligent Laboratory Software
Optical glass cuvettes
Rectangular cuvette in various sizes
Cuvette adapter
Cuvette adapter for Colorimeter
Certified reference material for density meters
Density meter standards
Glass tube with bubble trap
Glass sample tubes for polarimeters
Flow-through tube with integrated temperature sensor
Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Coloromat®
Polarimeter tubes
VariPol flow-through tube funnel
Flow-through with funnel and riser
Quartz control plates
Calibration for Polarimeters
Chemical resistant flow-through tube
Flow-through chemical measurements
VariPol flow-through tube
Flow-through polarimetric measurements
VariPol tube
Stainless steel tube for single measurements
Solid sample cover
Refractometer fixation for solid samples
Sample compartment cover
Refractometer sample room lids
WLAN Adapter for process control
App controlled connectivity
Certified reference material for refractometers
Calibration of refractometers at 589 nm
Certified Reference Material – Sugar
Temperature compensated sugar reference solution with different concentrations 
VariRef – Flow through pump
Peristaltic pump for automated filling
VariRef – Sample Room Covers
Sample compartment lid and inserts
as 7'' capacitive touch display or portable tablet

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