The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage for fast and easy sample preparation in your laboratory.

AutoDosage® universal dosing system

Automatic Dosing and Dilution for Laboratories

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage system is of tremendous help in the workflow of a laboratory. The preparation of samples and dilutions in the laboratory will become perfectly reproducible and accurate, resulting in highest standard laboratory practice and reliable results.


  • Automatic, fast, and reliable
  • Up to four different liquids
  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosage
  • 70 user programs storable
  • Timesaving, error-free sample preparation
The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage for fast and easy sample preparation in your laboratory.

Easy to Use

The system offers automation of dosage and dilution in laboratories. Achieve precise and fast preparation of solutions for a dosage and solutions with three or four different liquids. The Gravimetric (in g) or volumetric (in ml) dosage is equally possible with the AutoDosage system. A maximum of 70 different dosage or dilution programs can be set and stored on the device.


The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage dosing system is ideally suited for the automation of dosage and dilution of routine procedures in laboratories of any kind. The AutoDosage system combines high precision and reproducibility resulting in significant time savings. Typical applications of the model are found in the sugar industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as in R&D.

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage for fast and easy sample preparation in your laboratory.

Product in depth

The AutoDosage dosing system by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is an independent, fast, and straightforward device to automate sample preparation based on a gravimetric rather than volumetric approach. This method safeguards against pipetting variations and temperature effects. The sample preparation can be standardized and customized allowing the storage of up to 99 methods.

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH dosing system AutoDosage automates the routine preparation of solutions. Dosing that otherwise requires high skill, great care, and much time is simplified, accelerated, and made less prone to errors.

The signal light indicates the operation stage: RED light signals that dosing is in progress, and GREEN light means dosing is finished.


Universal Dosage System Standard components

Standard ComponentsController case with integrated display and foil keyboard

Solenoid valves in a housing

Dosage stand with base plate and vertically adjustable balance support plate

Software for the definition, storage and execution of the dosage and dilution. Individual settings of dosing parameters as well as determination of the specific gravity of a dosing liquid.

 24 V power supply unit with net connection cable

Components for specific applicationsSolenoid hose compression valves and nozzles for gross, middle and fine dosage of liquids

Glass or plastic supply containers in different sizes

High quality digital balance with serial interface, resolution 0.1 g or 0.01 g resolution, weighing range 610 g, 1500 g or 2200 g



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