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Our independent division, the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH LAB performs a variety of precision measurements of substances, customizes measuring methods and works as an independent certification service

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Lab Services

Independent and Reliable

We deliver reference measurements, verify measuring results and customize your measuring scale at our independent SCHMIDT + HAENSCH LAB.

The determination of the refractive index for liquid and solid samples can be performed but also more specific measuring values may be determined, such as the concentration of a solved substances or many more.

Certification Services

Pharmaceutical Instrument Certification

As part of our independent LAB division, we offer pharmaceutical instrument certification, IQ, OQ, PQ or IPV.

Further, all documentation for Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing practes (GLP/GMP) may be provided. 

Organic Certification Laboratory. Filling a Form for Organic Certification Procedure
Titration Guadelete Installation

Product Support

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