Laboratory Automation

Laboratory Automation

To optimize your analytical processes for production and research labs,              the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH automation portfolio eases your workday by ensuring error free measuring and easy sample preparation. 

Which automation will make your day?


Increase your performance with SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s lab automation technology! Growing demands for higher productivity also require more sophisticated means for quality control. By linking your laboratory with in-line process instruments, you can simultaneously keep an eye on production quality while retrieving important data from the lab. Creating these successful links will allow you to receive feedback faster through real-time data transmission while staying fully effective in your production process.

Our range of laboratory automation

AutoFilt® Z

Automatic Filtration - chemical free

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage for fast and easy sample preparation in your laboratory.

AutoDosage® universal dosing system

Automatic Dosing and Dilution for Laboratories

Applications and advantages

Growing demands for higher productivity also require a more intensive collaboration between laboratory and process control and a faster feedback on the production process up to the real-time data transmission.

In order to optimize your laboratory measurements,  SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers customized modular laboratory systems with different degree of automation. In addition to saving time and resources, automatic filtration systems, sample preparations and dosage control help to minimize errors. 

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