14693 & 14696

Purity Analyzer®

Sugar analysis laboratory

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer is an inherent component in the analysis of sucrose content. It is applied at payment laboratories of the cane and beet sugar receptions. The modular design of the instrument enables you to automatically calculate sugar purity. It combines all advantages of the integrated new polarimeter and refractometer in one. No external PC or controlling device is needed. Perfect for factory labs and compliant with ICUMSA calculation.


  • Coupling of polarimeter and refractometer
  • Automatic purity calculation
  • No external PC is needed
  • ICUMSA compliant calculation
  • Independent operation of each instrument

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Easy to Use

The well-known SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer consists of the smart combination of a refractometric measuring head and a state-of-the-art polarimeter. The configuration of the purity system is flexible and can be combined with all instruments from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH. The simplest and most accurate configuration is the direct combination of the refractometer measuring head ATR P with a Saccharomat® V or Polartronic® V. Only a printer is needed to get a printout of each measurement and the calculated purity.


The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer is used in the reception lab for payment purposes as well as in the factory laboratory to control the quality of many sugar production-related products. The modular system of the instrument lines of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH enables you to design an automatic laboratory analyzer to automatically calculate the product purity in cane sugar mills or beet sugar plants. The customer can choose to use a polarimeter with touch screen or alternatively with LCD display.

Product in depth

The flow-through compartments and tubes enable the easy and safe feeding of the same sample through both instruments. The vertical positioning of the measuring head prevents sedimentation of particles on the prism. The controller of the polarimeter also handles the results of the refractometer and displays the temperature-corrected Pol and Brix and calculates purity according to the ICUMSA Method GS4/7-1(1994). All additional values, e.g. temperature, refractive index, and wavelength, can be shown on different pages of the display in a customized way.

Ethernet/local area network (LAN) and USB ports allow an easy data transfer to MIS or other external data base systems. When the sample tube with integrated temperature sensor is used, the polarimetric measurement is temperature compensated and the instrument will automatically detect the tube length. This configuration is a stand-alone automatic SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer without the need of an additional computer.

Alternatively, the user has the choice of using two separate instruments and calculating the purity of the sample with the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH software program on an external PC. For measurement of dark samples without clarification we recommend using a NIR polarimeter and our automatic filtration unit Autofilt / Autofilt Z for sample preparation.


  1. A) Direct coupling Polarimeter – Refractometer

Calculation and display -> Polarimeter, no external PC required


Saccharomat® V  (Model: 201 SC / 101 SC / 202 SC)
Polartronic V (Model:201 SC / 101 SC / 202 SC)

Refractometer – Measuring head:


  1. B) Polarimeter and Refractometer stand-alone instruments

Using external PC for purity calculation 


Saccharomat® V  (Model: 201 SC / 101 SC / 202 SC)
Polartronic V (Model:201 SC / 101 SC / 202 SC)





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