On-line purity analyzer

Concentration Measurements of Factory Juices

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH automatic Purity  Analyzer is the first system worldwide capable of on-line measurements of factory juices, e.g. sugar juices. Samples are automatically taken from various selection points during processing, e.g. pipes or pans, and prepared for polarimetric and refractometric measurements. The Purity Analyzer combines refractometric concentration measurements (Brix) with near-infrared polarimetry.

ID-N° 13529



  • Automatic on-line analysis of factory juices
  • Fully automated analysis in ten minutes
  • Automatic rinse cycles
  • No product loss
  • Reducing manual analytical work
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Easy to Use

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH On-Line Purity Analyzer is a fully automatic measurement system for different factory juices. Each measuring cycle, including a cleaning cycle, takes only ten minutes. The sampling of different run-off components can be selected according to the customer’s needs.  The Purity Analyzer is programmed with an automatic rinse cycle after each measurement. A frequent measuring cycle tightens process control and saves analytical work. All measured run-off components are returned to the factory pipeline system without any product loss.


The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer combines refractometric concentration measurements (Brix) with NIR polarimetry. Juices after purification such as thin and thick juice, mixed liquor, raw sugar run-off, white sugar feed syrup, and others can be measured with the Purity Analyzer.

Product in depth

One of the most important advantages of the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer is its fine-meshed measuring grid. This results in tight process control if the data are also transmitted to the control house. The automatic Purity Analyzer opens up a wide range of innovative possibilities, adaptable to your special needs. Ask us, and together we can work to improve your production process.




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