Caprolactam Process Control

The demand for polyamides (PA6) in the production of high-tech fabrics is increasing. Caprolactam is the monomer that undergoes hydrolytic polymerization to produce perlon.

Quality and concentration control of caprolactam during production and further processing for polymerization is a perfect task for a process refractometer. In addition, there are more steps that can be controlled and optimized with the help of the RI.

With the inline process refractometer installed in production, the customer can prove that the inline measurement matches the values obtained in the laboratory. Moreover, the process can be controlled much faster because the measurement provides a real-time result with high accuracy and reproducibility.

Intended use:

– Caprolactam concentration monitoring.

– Dosing control of basic chemicals (iPR in Hastelloy)

– Crystallization

– Caprolactam recycling after polymerization

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