Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Instruments

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH portfolio of analytical instruments enables you to understand your materials and deliver reliable data to manage and control manufacturing quality. Reliable, reproducible quantitative measurements set the foundation for any optimized production process and continuous quality control.  

Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory instruments manufactured by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH are used in laboratories worldwide for quality control, material identification, and concentration measurements. Relevant for industries such as food and beverage, agricultural, pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer and petrochemical, our instruments deliver bench-top measurements with the highest precision, reliability, and usability.

The instruments rely on non-destructive measuring techniques and can be applied to very small sample volumes. The modular concept and the versatile connectivity of our instruments make the combination of different laboratory devices for customized analysis possible. You can access, archive, and compare your data from anywhere.

Precision, coupled with modern design, robust materials and an unrivaled longevity is the hallmark of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH laboratory instruments. Our technology is intelligent and connectable – always.

Applications of our laboratory instruments

Laboratory instruments are using different physical measuring principles. Polarimeters are measuring optical rotation of polarised light passing through optical active substances. Refractometers are measuring the refractive index of liquids by measuring the critical angle of refraction. The refractive index is directly linked to the concentration of the solution. Photometers are measuring the absorption of light in liquid samples at different wavelengths. Density meters are using the proven oscillating U-tube principle.

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