Process Quality Control of Disinfectants

Food containers, but also vials or other containers, undergo a very important automatic disinfection process with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

For example, containers in medical use but even a simple yogurt container must be disinfected and cleaned before it is filled with contents.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH inline refractometers like the iPr-C2 monitor the quality of disinfection and washing. This inline instrument allows for the continuous surveillance of the hydrogen peroxide.

The concentration of the components of a disinfectant has a great influence on its ability to inactivate or destroy microorganisms. Disinfectants contain active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)., hypochlorite or active chlorine. The correct concentration of these substances is extremely important. If the concentration is too low, it is ineffective and if it is too high, it can cause serious damage to health. That is why SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has developed in-line measurement devices that continuously monitor the quality and concentration of your disinfectant – completely in line with your production and without product losses! The concentration is delivered directly to the control panel. This ensures complete traceability of the disinfection process, making your food or medical consumption fail safe.  

Learn about our iPR-FR2 inline process monitoring systems– an inline refractometer for real-time concentration measurement, with user-defined, freely programmable scales, and a liquid based ultrasonic cleaner for smooth and durable operation.

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