AutoFilt® Z

Automatic Filtration - chemical free

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s fully automatic pressure filtration unit AutoFilt Z is unleaded, hence works without clarifying agent, avoiding environmentally hazardous clarification chemicals which normally are used for the clarification of highly colored sugar samples. Filtration units are a necessary and useful complement to the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH polarimetric sugar analysis. AutoFilt Z filters all undissolved solids and significantly shortens the filtration of sugar samples.

ID-N° 10800


  • Fast filtration, automatically adjusted to sample characteristics
  • Sensor controlled operation ensuring a constant filtrate volume
  • Automated discarding of pre- and post-filtrate for high quality samples
  • Envionmentally-friendly preparation, ideal for SCHMIDT + HAENSCH polarimeters
  • Contamination-free filtration due to direct sample input
  • Lead-free sample preparation of first pressed juice of sugar beets and sugar canes without lead acid

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Easy to Use

The new generation of AutoFilt Z is even more user-friendly and guarantees an absolutely safe and stable analysis. AutoFilt Z by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is a processor-based system, discarding pre- and post-filtrates. Without chemicals, it results in high quality filtrates independent of sample viscosity or turbidity. It automatically achieves a constant sample volume with adjustable level sensors. Filter aid is recommended. The AutoFilt Z automatically detects and and reports error conditions using LED technology.



AutoFilt Z is mainly intended for use in modern, environmentally sensitive sugar laboratories. Samples can be prepared of first pressed juice of sugar beets as well as sugar cane. No chemical clarifying agents are required, resulting into a residue-free filtration.

Product in depth

The new generation of AutoFilt Z by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is even more user-friendly and guarantees an absolutely safe and stable analysis. The advanced sensor and processor-based system discards pre- and post-filtrate fractions and provides a high-quality filtrate. The first filtrate portion, which can contain suspended matter and particles, and the third filtration portion, which often contains foam that develops during the final filtration phase, are discarded. The result is a high-quality filtrate with constant sample volumes independent of the operator, sample viscosity, and turbidity.



Filtration pressure adjustablemax. 5 bar (0.5 MPa)
Sample volumemax. 300 ml
Filtrated sample volume
200 ml sensor controlled

Environmental condition

Temperature+10 °C to +40 °C


Power Supply100 V-240 V AC
47 – 63 Hz
40 W
Pressurized airmax. 10 bar (1.0 MPa)
oil free
Pressurized air tubeØ outer 6 mm
Waste water tubeØ inner 16 mm



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