On-line Titration

Analysis of pH, Alkalinity and Lime 

A fast and accurate analysis of the liming process is an important step in juice purification in a sugar factory. The on-line process analysis enables continuous process monitoring of the beet juice, enabling immediate process regulation. The automated sampling process optimizes reliability.

ID-N° 11548


  • Continuous analysis of pH, alkalinity, and lime consumption
  • Permanent determination of product characteristics
  • Process optimization
  • Saving of raw and auxiliary materials
  • Saving of human resources

Easy to Use

The complete system is controlled by a computing system which also controls all actuators and sensors using specially designed software for the application. All actions of the analysis process can be monitored online. After concluding the titration and calculation of results, all data can be transferred to external MIS or data base systems via standard interfaces.

A component of the pre and/or main liming tank is guided to a sample selection system which takes the sample to the measuring module. The order of the sample selection can be configured to your current needs.  In the process titration module, the sample volume is prepared in a defined way. Hot samples are cooled down in the double-jacketed reactor, followed by the titration which uses a pH electrode to control the titration volume.




The modular system can integrate several Schmidt + Haensch instruments. The modular concept and individual software modules allow us to offer flexible, customer tailored solutions. The system can analyze samples ranging from raw materials, intermediate products, up to the quality control of the final product.

Product in depth

The automatic value determination results in a higher analysis frequency and offers current information about the process control. It can rapidly detect variations of the pH-value. The on-line titration system allows the exact dosing of lime to improve clarification and to reduce overdosing. Determination of alkalinity can reduce the consumption of limestone and coke. The aim is to optimize process performance, avoid product losses, and control limit levels. To this end, Schmidt + Haensch instruments are designed to monitor characteristics of process streams.

  • Combination of on-line analysis and automatic control systems
  • Saving raw and auxiliary materials by more effective quality control and better compliance with process and product specifications
  • Reduced clogging of the subsequent filtration
  • Reduced lime consumption by ~20 %
  • Fast return on investment (ROI) within one campaign
  • Saving of workload in the lab and shopfloor


System Construction

  • Robust construction, cabinet protection for PC and instruments: IP 55
  • Customer tailored, modular design
  • High process security and availability
  • Flexible autonomous system with data inputs, outputs, and serial interfaces


  • Simple operation on site
  • Simple adaptation of analysis parameters
  • Automatic cleaning

Processing of Results

  • Flexible processing of sample selections
  • Storage of measuring values and log files 


  • Easy maintenance due to simple construction and easy accessibility
  • Remote control and maintenance of the process analyzer via modem or Internet with an additional  software module


Titrations, resp. including ph measurements in the sugar industry, chemical industry, etc.



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