in precision measurement

Ensuring your product’s highest quality standard since 1864.

We develop and produce high-quality laboratory instruments, in-line process refractometers and automation solutions for industrial measurements.

in precision measurement

Ensuring your product’s highest quality standard since 1864.

We develop and produce high-quality laboratory instruments, in-line process refractometers and automation solutions for industrial measurements.

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Precision made in Germany

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s optoelectonic instruments are widely applicable for industry, laboratory and research. With our customizable approach to in-line liquid analyzers, liquid density and concentration measurement, we develop solutions that will reliably help you to achieve high quality products while effectively saving resources.

Easy to clean sample room - VariRef Refractometer

Laboratory Instruments

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH benchtop density meters, polarimeters, and refractometers make direct measurement of physical parameters easy. Discover the wide range of density and concentration measurement instruments for chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and more.

Prozessrefrakometer PMD700 Compact, Seitenansicht RŸckseite,Process Refractometer PMD700 Compact, side view, back side

Process Instruments

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has the solution for your production monitoring: our highly adaptable and robust industrial process instruments determine the concentration of dissolved solids with continuous in-line optical measurement, taking pre-defined process conditions into account.

Worker operating saw machine for cutting steel profiles in a factory

Factory Automation

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offer custom-tailored automation solutions for the sugar laboratory and your production process. Create successful links for your manufacturing process with our sample automation, filtration, and purity analyzers, applicable both on- and in-line.


Featured Applications

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers bench-top and industrial measurements for a wide range of applications. Find out about the latest trends in the industry – and find the solution to your measurement needs. For applications overview, click here.


Tradition and innovation, high-precision craft and reliable service – these pillars define SCHMIDT + HAENSCH since 1864. 

Excellence. Precision. Reliability.

As a world leader in the field of optoelectronic measurement,            SCHMIDT + HAENSCH instruments reflect what we believe in: Excellence, precision and reliability.

Ensuring quality of your products is our mission, while we standardize measuring parameters according to worldwide standards and norms.  

We are passionate about developing customizable technologies with full traceability for our clients. With continuous R&D investments and scientific research, we serve our clients with the most cutting-edge solutions to their measuring needs. Our highly skilled in-house team of researchers and developers, as well as in-house precision assembly are located in Germany.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH stands for sophisticated German engineering with a tradition of a 160 years. We believe in combining our tradition and long experience with cutting edge innovation. 

Reliable service and maintenance in more than 100 countries guarantees customers rapid support and answers to their application and service queries. 

We want to see our clients grow. Our highly skilled team is always at your disposal to find solutions to your measurement needs. 

Cutting-edge technologies are developed with our long-standing academic partners, along with high investment into R&D and quality management. 

Absolute measuring accuracy is our mission. Since 160 years we specialize in polarimetry, refractive index determination, colour and density, in-line concentration and on-line automated pH-measurement for liquid as well as solid substances.

We offer a wide range of laboratory services in-house, certified measurements and scaling,  norm conformance and GLP/ GMP compliance documentation. 

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is a family owned company, valuing human rights, diversity, equality of opportunity, and the protection of our natural environment.   

160 years of German Engineering experience at its best: Developing cutting-edge technologies with high adaptability and flexibility in use.


Featured Products

We believe in expanding our expertise consistently through high investments into research as well as close customer cooperation. All of our analysis instruments are made in-house by our highly skilled team, based in Germany. Strong ties to the scientific community are keeping
SCHMIDT + HAENSCH on the forefront of innovation. 

VariDens - Density Meter

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH VariDens is the newest member in our wide range of laboratory instruments. The VariDens allows multi-point calibration for the most complete measurement range, thus giving you the tools for a fast and economic maintenance.

VariPol - Polarimeter

The new SCHMIDT + HAENSCH VariPol Series was especially developed for pharmaceutic applications – but can be adapted to a variety of uses. Its unrivaled precision in measurement is paired with modularity, flexibilty, and rapidity.

Process Connectivity

With the new                            SCHMIDT + HAENSCH WiFi adapter, you can control difficult-to-reach or dangerous-area placed process analytical systems. Operation is made simple using a specially developed app which allows you to connect your device with existing networks. 

The NEW VariSeries

Intelligent Laboratory instruments

Proven SCHMIDT + HAENSCH technology is taken to a new level with the VariSeries.

Our newest polarimeters, refractometers and density meters with sleek design are interconnectable and allow you to store, compare  and control your measurements from anywhere.

With an adjustable and intuitive interface, the VariSeries is particularily user-friendly, making measurements applicable for a broad range of applications.

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