Analysis and monitoring of cooling lubricant

Cooling lubricants and machining have undergone an enormous development in recent years. Cooling lubricants not only have the primary task of cooling and lubricating tools but also have an impact on surface quality and manufacturing tolerances of semi-finished products.  As OEM partner or direct user of our specially developed instruments for  coolant application, you can count on our specialized know-how.

With our innovative process sensors, Schmidt + Haensch offers an industrially prooven solution for 24/7 monitoring of cooling lubricant concentration. This process not only ensures compliance with European safety standards of occupational safety, but will also meet the high standards of ​​your production:

What is the added value of cooling lubricant analysis?

  • optimized management of cooling lubricants
  • cost and time savings through exact replenishment of the coolant
  • better surface quality and manufacturing tolerances through full real-time condition monitoring (24/7)
  • enabling lower manufacturing limits to be reached and adhered to
  • fully automated control and diagnosis possible
  • environmentally friendly re-dosing
  • working-time optimization
  • reduction of errors