Temperature effect on polarimetric sucrose measurements

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Polarimeter Tube Temperature Sensor

ICUMSA® is the only international organization concerned solely with analytical methods for the sugar industry. ICUMSA® “International Commission for Unified Methods of Sugar Analysis” is in charge of constantly improving sugar analysis method based on scientific research and strict quality controls. The optical rotation of sucrose solution and its dependence on various physical parameters as […]

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) – importance and meaning

Process Analytical Technology is defined by the FDA as a mechanism to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of critical process parameters that affect critical quality attributes of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) (from: Comprehensive Chirality, 2012). However, PAT is a concept that can be applied to many other production processes, […]

Measuring Cholesterol Content for mRNA Vaccines


Cholesterol plays an essential role in the viral replication machinery and immune activation [1]. It is also used as part of the lipid adjuvants of mRNA vaccines, among others, and facilitates the entry of the vaccine into the human cell [2]. The Varipol B by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is the ideal polarimeter for this analysis, which […]

Process Quality Control of Disinfectants

Food containers, but also vials or other containers, undergo a very important automatic disinfection process with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). For example, containers in medical use but even a simple yogurt container must be disinfected and cleaned before it is filled with contents. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH inline refractometers like the iPr-C2 monitor the quality of disinfection […]

Purity control of Amino Acids – Polarimetric Method

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and therefore important components in many pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs.  At the same time, regulations and requirements for the purity of the substances are becoming stricter. Amino acids are essential molecules for building proteins (e.g. carnitine is metabolized from lysine and methionine). They have an active amino- […]

Process Control in Coffee and Tea production

Worker Roasting Coffee at Factory

The taste of the instant stimulant depends not only on the quality of the raw material but as well on the preservation of the volatile compounds during extraction. Instant coffee or tea production is a continuous extraction and drying process.With a process refractometer the production process can be monitored and controlled at various steps –extraction, evaporation, recovery – […]

Caprolactam Process Control

The demand for polyamides (PA6) in the production of high-tech fabrics is increasing. Caprolactam is the monomer that undergoes hydrolytic polymerization to produce perlon. Quality and concentration control of caprolactam during production and further processing for polymerization is a perfect task for a process refractometer. In addition, there are more steps that can be controlled […]

Analyzing Essential Oils for Composition and Purity

Checking the quality is important as essential oils are widely used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other home care products, for flavoring food and beverages, and for adding scents to household cleaning products. Some essential oils are used in pharmaceutical products (i.e. Eucalyptus oil) and for aromatherapy. An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid […]

Measure Ethylene Glycol in Anti-Freeze

Deicing of airplane before flight

Ethylene Glycol is an industrial compound that is used in antifreeze, coolant for engines, airplane de-icing, heat transfer agents, conditioning agent in adhesives, cork, fibres, films, synthetic rubber, cellulose sponges, printing inks and paper products. Also in the dehydration of natural gas as well as in the production of alkydtype resins and unsaturated polyester resins […]

A Passion for Drinks! – Beer and Wort Analysis

Beer analysis

From craft beer to large-scale production: Optimizing beer fermentation to the max is what we as a German company are passionate about. Since 100 years, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has been reliably ensuring beer quality around the globe. Color is an important quality parameter in food processing and production. Color ion liquids (and generally) is a […]

Concentration Range of Cooling Lubricants

Cooling lubricants and the metal-cutting industry have undergone a tremendous development in recent years. The cooling lubricants no longer only have the primary task of cooling and lubricating tools, they also have a crucial influence on surface quality and the manufacturing tolerances of the semi-finished product. The control intervals required by the German law only […]

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