Temperature effect on polarimetric sucrose measurements

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Polarimeter Tube Temperature Sensor

ICUMSA® is the only international organization concerned solely with analytical methods for the sugar industry. ICUMSA® “International Commission for Unified Methods of Sugar Analysis” is in charge of constantly improving sugar analysis method based on scientific research and strict quality controls. The optical rotation of sucrose solution and its dependence on various physical parameters as […]

Charité Berlin: Replacement of a 42-year-old Polartronic with VariPol

The changing times: A new look at research with the VariPol from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH  Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, one of Europe’s most renowned medical research centers, recently took a technological step into the future. After 42 years of reliable service, their aged Polartronic Universal has been replaced by the latest model, the VariPol from […]

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) – importance and meaning

Process Analytical Technology is defined by the FDA as a mechanism to design, analyze, and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of critical process parameters that affect critical quality attributes of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) (from: Comprehensive Chirality, 2012). However, PAT is a concept that can be applied to many other production processes, […]

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