T-CELL Polarimeter Tubes

Published on 04.12.14 in New products

T Cell Polarimeter Tube

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH offers now peltier Polarimeter Tubes (T-CELL) with automatic temperature regulation by electronic system.

The optical activity of the sample, measured in angular degree, is a physical property of the dissolved optically active substance. The measured rotation is directly influenced by the concentration and the specific optical rotation of the active substance as well as the temperature, the tube length and the wavelength of the used light. The temperature dependency is specific for each substance.

The new T-CELLs have the capability to heat and cool samples without the need for an external water circulator. They are controlled by a separate, user friendly electronic unit which has own power supply. Temperatures are set on the electronic unit via 4 buttons and the set as well as the actual temperature of the sample it self is displayed on the 2 line illuminated LCD screen.

Even through the reference temperature for polarimetric measurement is 20 °C or 25 °C SCHMIDT + HAENSCH T-CELLs have the capability to heat and cool samples in a wider range from 18 °C till 60 °C in shortest time for special applications. This is allowing even the analysis of temperature dependencies for individual substances.