Polarimeter tubes

  • Accurate temperature control without external water circulator
  • Large temperature range can be controlled (18 °C – 40 °C)
  • Fast cooling of warm samples within minutes
  • Silent operation
  • Tube: 100 mm or 200 mm path length
  • Single measurement, normal or micro volume
  • Automatic indication of tube length and thermal extension coefficient
  • Can be used in all SCHMIDT+HAENSCH digital polarimeters of Polartronic V and H series and Saccharomat
  • T-cell calibration kit for temperature validation and calibration

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Our polarimeter tubes with integrated Peltier-elements are controlled by a separate, user-friendly electronic unit which has its own power supply.

Temperatures are set directly via the polarimeter in special software menu.

Even though the reference temperature for polarimetric measurement is 20 °C or 25 °C SCHMIDT+HAENSCH ’s T-cells can quickly  heat and cool samples over a wider range (18 °C to 40 °C) for special applications. This versatility enables an analysis of temperature dependencies for individual substances.

ID-N° in specifications below 


T-Cell Polarimeter Tubes

T-Cell Polarimeter TubesAutomatic electronic heating and cooling of the sample
Temperature range *18 °C – 40 °C
Temperature precision± 0.1 °C
Temperature stability± 0.05 °C
Time for Δt = 10 °C **< 10 min
Tube length100mm / 100mm (micro volume) / 200mm
Sample volumeapprox. 12 cm³ / 0.7 cm³ / 17 cm³
Contact materialStainless steel
float glass
Protection classIP65

* For maximum ambient temperature of 28°C

** Depends on ambient temperature

DescriptionLength in mmVolume in
T-Cell 100 SMStainless steel polarimeter tube with funnel and rinser fitted with Peltier elements10012.0Ptube-
T-Cell 200 SMStainless steel polarimeter tube with funnel and rinser, fitted with Peltier-elements20017.0Ptube-
T-Cell 100 FMStainless flow-through polarimeter tube fitted with Peltier elements10012.0Ptube-
T-Cell 200 FMStainless flow-through polarimeter tube, fitted with Peltier-elements20017.0Ptube-
T-Cell 100 microStainless steel polarimeter tube, fitted with Peltier-elements1000.7Ptube-
+Aperture for the use of micro tubes

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