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Beer analysis

From craft beer to large-scale production: Optimizing beer fermentation to the max is what we as a German company are passionate about. Since 100 years, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has been reliably ensuring beer quality around the globe.

Color is an important quality parameter in food processing and production. Color ion liquids (and generally) is a sensation triggered by light and conveyed by the eye. Color is not a clearly defined variable such as temperature or pressure, but a subjective impression. A color sensation occurs when electromagnetic waves from the visible range (wavelengths of approx. 380nm – 750nm) hit the eye. White light (colorless) consists of the sum of all colors of the visible spectrum. If specific wavelength ranges within this spectrum are absorbed, a color impression is created for the eye.

Quality observation of beer and wort during the brewing process is specific color measurement according to the MEBAK method 2.16.2, EBC 9.4,or liquid sugar color according ICUMSA is what can be performed by photometre

Other examples of color measurement is the control of specific enzymatic reaction or extracts.

The Coloromat 100 can be operated with up to 9 wavelengths and with rectangular cuvettes from 10 to 100mm or with polarimeter tubes up to 100mm. It measures singular or continuously and has full GLP/GMP documentation.


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