Spectrophotometer for Color Measurement

The Coloromat allows an easy and reliable color measurement of liquids. The Coloromat is equipped with a continuous measuring mode with free configurable sampling rate for monitoring color changes in product streams. Transmission, extinction, and ICUMSA liquid color units at the recommended standard wavelength 420 nm are standard with this product.

ID-N° 16202


  • Measurement of transmission/extinction
  • Color determination of liquid samples
  • Up to nine fixed wavelengths
  • Polarimeter tubes up to 100 mm
  • Integrated ICUMSA methods

Easy in Use

The touch screen is used for soft key functions and alphanumerical inputs which allow easy handling for example batch name, user, etc. The wavelengths are selected via the touch screen. Three wavelengths are pre-installed as standards, but the Coloromat 100 can optionally be equipped with six further customized wavelengths, allowing for a wide range of applications. Due to the generous dimensions of the sample chamber the use of polarimeter flow-through tubes up to 100 mm as standard cuvettes allows easy filling and a high throughput.

The sample compartment is open to the top and the bottom preventing pillage from entering the unit. Due to its unique optical design the Coloromat 100 is not affected by stray light.

The general operating software contained in the flash memory can be updated by PC (data file downloaded from Internet or CD ROM) and has capacity for 250 pre-programmed tests. Up to 230 tests can be stored in the RAM. The import of data by touch screen or PC are possible. Additionally, up to 2970 results of max. 99 samples can be managed in the memory.


  • Enzymatic determination
  • Color measurement of liquid crystal sugar (ICUMSA)
  • Color index determination of beverages, e.g. soft drinks, wine, etc.
  • Determination of the color of extracts  (coffee, and many more)
  • Color measurement of beer and wort (EBC color number)
  • Biochromate measurements
  • Multi-standard methods
  • Simple extinction measurements
  • Monitoring of time-dependent color changes
Beer analysis

Product in depth

  • Objective and repeatable measurements
  • Three fixed wavelengths 420, 560 and 720 nm
  • Optional six further wavelengths (in the range 420 – 900 nm)
  • Automatic wavelength setting
  • Polarimeter cells up to 100 mm usable as well as rectangular cuvettes
  • Single or flow-through measurement
  • Remote control via PC
  • Data output to PC or directly connected printer
  • Up to 250 methods programmable
  • Internal data storage of results
  • GLP/GMP conform documentation


Measurement principleSingle beam photometer
Spectral range340 – 900 nm
Pre-installed filters420, 560, 720 nm
Wavelength selectionAutomatic filter changeover switch for up to 9 wavelengths
Resolution extinction0.001
Measurment precision± 0.020 extinction 420 nm
± 0.010 extinction at 560 and 720 nm
± 0.020 extinction at optional filters

ICUMSA method

Measuring range0 – 16.000 ICUMSA Units (IU)
Resolution ICUMSA1 IU
Precision IU± 10 % for colours < 20 IU
± 5 % for colours > 20 IU

Additional information

Light sourceHalogen lamp, 12 V, 20 W
DisplayGraphic display
OperationTouch screen for direct functions and alphanumerical inputs
Operating temperature10 – 40 °C
Main connection85 – 265 V, 47 – 63 Hz
Power consumption90 V / 50 Hz – 42.5 W
90 V / 60 Hz – 41.8 W
110 V / 50 Hz – 41.3 W
110 V / 60 Hz – 41.3 W
230 V / 50 Hz – 41.1 W
230 V / 60 Hz – 41.1 W
LanguagesEnglish and German, others on request
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