Measuring density of a liquid substance

Density or more precisely the volumetric mass density ρ (rho), of a substance is its mass per unit volume. The units most often used for density are kg/m³ or g/cm³, or ρ. The volume of a sample is depending on its temperature. Because of thermal expansion, the density of a substance highly depends on its temperature. The Schmidt + Haensch density meter VariDens allows a precise measurement of liquid density by adjusting the temperature of the sample. Additionally, the relative or specific density as well as the true or apparent density can be determined by the VariDens. The Schmidt + Haensch density meter VariDens allows a consistent manufacturing process and tighter tolerances on the results, while reducing costs and increasing product quality at the same time. For high performance and quality choose the Schmidt + Haensch VariDens.

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