Certified reference material for density meters

Density meter standards

Density standards by Schmidt + Haensch deliver high precision over the whole measuring range. The reference liquids are traceable to PTB standards and allow for high-quality verification, calibrating, or testing of your density meter. Additional information is available in the specifications, or you can contact us to request more reference materials.


  • Customized reference material available
  • Calibration standard with factory certificate
  • Applicable for all density meters

ID-N° below in specifications


DescriptionReference value for density at 20°C       g/cm3Viscosity at 20°C mm2/sID-N°
CRM-D 6900,691890,729214149
CRM-D 7200,717820,987114150
CRM-D 8160,8159239,220014151
CRM-D 8200,8197766,450014152
CRM-D 8270,82710160,900014153
CRM-D 8730,87255359,600014154
CRM-D 9980,998201,003514155
CRM-D 12501,249491,134014156
CRM-D 16201,622730,553414157

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