Certified reference material for density meters

Density meter standards

  • Customized reference material available
  • Calibration standard with factory certificate
  • Applicable for all density meters

ID-N° below in specifications

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Density standards by Schmidt + Haensch deliver high precision over the whole measuring range. The reference liquids are traceable to PTB standards and allow for high-quality verification, calibrating, or testing of your density meter. Additional information is available in the specifications, or you can contact us to request more reference materials.


DescriptionReference value for density at 20°C       g/cm3Viscosity at 20°C mm2/sID-N°
CRM-D 6900,691890,729214149
CRM-D 7200,717820,987114150
CRM-D 8160,8159239,220014151
CRM-D 8200,8197766,450014152
CRM-D 8270,82710160,900014153
CRM-D 8730,87255359,600014154
CRM-D 9980,998201,003514155
CRM-D 12501,249491,134014156
CRM-D 16201,622730,553414157

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