VariRef – Sample Room Covers

Sample compartment lid and inserts

Sample chamber cover lids are optional accessories for the VariRef Refractometer. In case a cover lid is selected, a specific insert needs to be selected together with the sample lid. Inserts vary in shape according to your application. Our team is well-experienced in accessory selection for your laboratory instruments. Please contact us if you need assistance.

ID-N° in specifications below 


Choose between:

  • Single measurement compartment door
  • Flow-through measurement
  • Micro volume sample
  • Solid samples
  • Funnel


Single MeasurementInsert for single measurements   ID-N° 16447 
Flow-throughInsert for flow-through measurements:
equipped with insert for flow through measurement, Luer connection  ID-N° 16443
Micro volumeInsert for micro volume:
equipped with insert for micro volume (approx. 3 µl)  ID-N° 16442
Solid SamplesInsert for solid samples:
equipped with insert for solid sample measurement  ID-N° 17279 
FunnelInsert for funnel filling:
equipped with funnel especially designed for sugar applications ID-N° 17080 

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