Cane and Beet Sugar

Sugar manufacturing is a multi-step process for both cane and beet sugar sources. Most sugar factories globally benefit from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH solutions for sugar production and analysis.

Applications for the sugar industry

Applications for the sugar industry include: sugar extraction (first expressed juice), continuous in-line brix measurement, filtration of the sugar juice for laboratory analysis, titration, turbidity analysis, sample preparation, sugar purity analysis, final molasses concentration, quality and mixed liquor analysis for sugar production, beet and cane sugar processing and beet and cane sugar extraction. Of course, sugar for food & beverage consumption must fulfill extremely high-quality standards. The general goal of a sugar factory is to achieve a high yield of sucrose output with the least input of energy and minimal sugar loss. Due to tight energy control cane factories act as electrical energy producers feeding electricity into the grid.

Crystal Sugar Production

In crystal sugar production, the aim is to produce the maximum amount of high purity sugar crystals, avoiding fine grains and conglomerates. Sugar manufacturing starts with the extraction of juice from either sugar cane or sugar beets. An important aspect is the participation of the farmer to produce beets or cane with a high sucrose content. The reliable analysis of first expressed juice for payment purposes with the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Saccharomat® are the basis for objective payment regimes. All steps of the sugar production like juice purification, evaporation and crystalizing can be monitored by SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s analytical instruments or on- and inline monitoring systems. Precious resources and energy can be significantly reduced by using process refractometers from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH within your production line. Our inline process technology can be used to monitor your refining process without loss of product and help to save resources and save the environment. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH has contributed to developing a clarification-free sugar analysis that relieves the sugar factory from hazardous waste.

Measuring Brix

Accurate measurements of the Brix (mass % of sucrose) of raw and in-process liquids helps quantify and qualify your sucrose refinement process. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH process and benchtop refractometers as well as the Purity Analyzer provide:
  • Increased quality of liquid and crystal sugars
  • Sugar production precisely according to ICUMSA methods and standards
  • Sugar products precisely according to recipe
  • Optimized extraction and saving of resources
  • Energy savings
  • Control of feed juice to adjust the crystallization process
The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Purity Analyzer provides in-lab quality control of the highest standards and assurance that liquid sugar and molasses also meet the required specifications.

Suggested Products

The ATR BR is no longer available. There will be a successor model from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH as of 2023.


Compact Refractometer


High Performance Refractometer

The SCHMIDT + HAENSCH AutoDosage for fast and easy sample preparation in your laboratory.

AutoDosage® universal dosing system

Automatic Dosing and Dilution for Laboratories

AutoFilt® Z

Automatic Filtration - chemical free

Coloromat® 100

Spectrophotometer for Color Measurement

iPR B3

Inline Brix Refractometer

Hygenic Design Process Refractometer


Inline Process Refractometer with Certified Hygienic Design

Ash On-line Analyzer

Crystal Sugar Ash Content

On-line purity analyzer

Concentration Measurements of Factory Juices

Ash Color Turbidity Analyzer

Automated Analysis of Ash Content

On-line Titration

Analysis of pH, Alkalinity and Lime 

Polartronic V S+H

Polartronic® V – The Allrounder

High-Performance Circle Polarimeter

Purity Analyzer®

Sugar analysis laboratory

Saccharoflex 2020

Reflectance colorimeter

Saccharomat® V

Sugar Polarimeter - Saccharimeter

Calibration standards

Sugar color determination

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