Solid sample cover

Refractometer fixation for solid samples

  • Solid sample fixation
  • For samples of diameter of minimum 7mm
  • Optical dispersion measurements
  • Prism protection
  • Safe measurements

ID-N° 17290 

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Additional complete special sample chamber covers for SCHMIDT + HAENSCH ATR-L model. Especially designed for solid samples such as polymers, lenses, glass samples, or similar.

Safer measurements and prism protection are guaranteed so your ATR-L instrument will remain in perfect condition when solid samples are measured repeatedly.



REF 13 Sample room cover for ATR-L for solid samples
+ Immersion oil, 10 ml , RID, 20°C  ≈1.74.. (Diiodomethane), without certificate
+ Punching tool for solid sample preparation for samples of diameter of minimum 7mm

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