VariRef – Flow through pump

Peristaltic pump for automated filling

Different pump heads can be used with the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Vari peristaltic pump, resulting in flexibility in your day-to-day usage and enabling multiple tubing sizes. Depending on the tubing material in use, this pump type can be used for various chemicals, corrosive and aggressive, as well as sterile solutions.
The user-friendly membrane keyboard enables the user to regulate the flow speed (RPM) using the switch arrays.
Furthermore the user can activate a “quick flow mode” by pressing the special button on the membrane keyboard.
Via external adapters for other signals, steering the pump externally is also possible. Additionally, a foot switch can be attached to the pump to enable the pumping function as long as the foot switch is activated.

ID-N° 17643

ID-N° 17645 Chemical resistant hoses 


  • High torque grants the use of double channel pump heads and multiple pump heads
  • Up to eight channels
  • Rich variety of pump heads
  • Manual speed adjustment
  • Membrane keypad and rotary encoded switch, easy to operate


Speed:0.1 to 100 rpm, reversible
Speed precision:0.1 rpm
Speed control:Membrane keypad and rotary encoded switch
Display:128 x 64 graphic LCD displays flow rate and speed (rpm)
Communication interface:RS485
Power supply:220 Vac ± 10%, 50/ 60 Hz,
110 Vac± 10%, 50/ 60 Hz
Power consumption:< 50 W
Operating condition:0 to 40 °C
Relative humidity:< 80%
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm):202 x 160 x 239
Drive weight (without Pump Head):5.34 kg
IP code:IP 31

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