as 7'' capacitive touch display or portable tablet

Ordering a display is required for all VariFamily instruments. You can choose between a portable tablet version or detachable 7 inch touch display.

Both control devices fit onto all VariFamily products such as VariRef, VariPol, and VariDens.

All control devices operate with the Schmidt + Haensch Aquisys App which allows you to monitor, control, and store your measured data from anywhere, mobile or desktop Google Chrome version .

The VariFamily delivers connectivity at its best and will ease your workday!


  • 800 x 480 pixel
  • 16 bit color user interface
  • Attachable to all VariFamily instruments
  • Also available as portable tablet


without VariTouch
Vari is directly controlled remotely via PC or Laptop (customer must provide

a LAN connection)

with VariTouch
 7″ capacitive touch display, 800 x 480 pixel,
16 bit color user interface attachable to the Vari

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