VariVent in-line housing 90°

Hygienic valve housing with angle

The favorable connections for SCHMIDT + HAENSCH process instruments for pipes and vessels are VariVent in-line housings. This type of connection provides a maximum of flexibility. Our valve housings meet the highest standards for hygienic processes. The housings can handle pressures up to 10 bar and do not contain any dead spaces around the measuring head.

It is possible to accommodate up to two different instruments on one in-line housing – for example a measuring head and a prism cleaning unit.  The height of our dead-zone-free housings exactly corresponds to the diameter of the connection pipeline. This precise design avoids domes and sumps with their negative effects such as oxidization damage or cleaning problems. The special ball shape of the housing offers the best flow profiles without flow separation.


  • Highest standard for hygienic processes
  • Simple mounting
  • Long-lasting
  • Easily handles high flow-through and high pressure

ID-N° in specifications below


VariVent inline housing 90° angle standard                                                                       ID-N°
DN Ø 40 mm08216
50 mm09135
65 mm09136
100 mm12794

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