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On-line purity analyser

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  • Automatic online analysis of factory juices
  • Fully automated analysis in 10 minutes
  • Automatic rinse cycles
  • No product loss
  • Reducing manual analytical work
On-line purity analyser

The automatic purity analyser is the first system worldwide capable of online measurements of sugar factory juices. Samples out of continuous sugar production will be taken via pipelines into the analyser and beeing measured in a 10 minutes cycle. Fully automatic and completely.

The Purity analyser combines refractometric concentration measurements (Brix) with NIR polarimetry.

  • Fully automatic measurement of different factory juices
  • Automatic rinse cycles after each measurement
  • Narrow measuring grid results in a tight process control
  • Saving of analytical work
  • The measured samples will be returned back to the factory pipline system without any lost

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