Refractive index determination

The refractive index is used for a lot of applications. We offer the determining of the refractive index at a speficic temperature and wavelength as a service for our customers. You can generate a reference material for checks independent of temperature of your refractometers to verify, if your instruments are still working correctly. Furthermore we can measure your own samples to validate your measuring results.

RI_Water_589nm vs temp vs wavel

Figure: left: Exemplary graph of the refractive index  of water with temperature at the sodium D-line(nD), 589nm. Right: Exemplary graph of the refractive index  of water with wavelength at 20°C.

Determining of refractive index is possible for:

  • Solid and liquid samples
  • Temperature in the range of 5…95°C (liquids and solids), other temperatures on request
  • Wavelengths (selected examples): 404.7nm, 546.1nm, 578.5nm, 589.3nm, 643.8nm, 852.9nm, 895.2nm, more wavelengths on request
  • We are using our reference refractometer or for highest demands our reference goniometer as well
  • Precision for the whole measuring range at all wavelengths: up to ΔRI = 2*10-5 (depends on used sample)

ri_water eyecandy

Figure: Refractive index of water via temperature and wavelength