Manual and automatic digital polarimeter

Polarimeters are optical instruments utilizing so called polarized light. There are a great number of organic and inorganic substances being “optically active” in their liquid or dissolved state.

Such substances are able to rotate the direction of oscillation of polarized light around a determined angle. This angle of rotation is measured by a polarimeter with highest precision. Thus, a polarimeter will be used to determine the concentration of the optical active substance which is dissolved in an optically inactive liquid.

Hygenic Design Process Refractometer


Inline Process Refractometer with Certified Hygienic Design

Silent oil compressor

Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel

Celite filter aid

Clarcel CBL or Filter Cel

Filter pads

Whatman® qualitative filter paper


Cooling lubricant sensor

iCS Concentration Sensor

Customizable process sensor

Flow-through tube thermostatable

Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Colorimeter

Flow-through tube

Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Colorimeter

VariVent in-line housing 90°

Hygienic valve housing with angle


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Polarimeter for laboratory and industry 

The measured angle of rotation depends on the nature of the sample (“specific rotation”), the concentration of the optical active components, wavelength of the light, sample temperature and optical path length. SCHMIDT + HAENSCH, founded in 1864, offers a variety of polarimeter models based on decades of experience. The modular concept allows each customer to compile a custom-configured polarimeter including accessories.