Control alkalinity for sugar production

You can measure alkalinity during the production process with the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH automation analyzers for sugar production.The purpose of this device is to reduce the amount of lime during the purification of first expressed sugar beet juice. Suitable for those purposes is the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Online Process Titrator. Alkalinity is the capacity of a liquid substance or solution to resist acidification. It should not be confused with basicity which is an absolute measurement on the pH scale. Alkalinity is the strength of a buffer solution composed of weak acids and their conjugate bases. Alkalinity can be controlled or monitored automatically by the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH on-line titration system, fitting in seamlessly into your production process. Alkalinity is expressed in units of concentration, such as meq/L, μeq/kg or mg/L CaCO3. Each of these measurements corresponds to an amount of acid added as a titrant.

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