Absorption/ Transmittance

Absorption/ Transmittance

Determination of liquid color for quality control Especially in food and beverage industries it is crucial to determine the  color of products by measuring their absorption or light transmittance. This is especially important for crystalized sugar (ICUMSA), for beer (EBC) and wine to ensure their quality. EBC and ICUMSA as well as the color of wine can be reliably determined with the SCHMIDT + HAENSCH Coloromat 100.Absorption of electromagnetic radiation is how matter takes up a photon’s energy and so transforms electromagnetic energy into internal energy of the absorber. When light is absorbed, the energy from the photon typically manifests itself as heating the matter up. The absorption of light makes an object dark or opaque to the wavelengths or colors of the incoming wave. Transmittance in this case, refers to energy loss by absorption, whereas total transmittance is due to absorption or reflection.

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