Cutting Oil and Lubricant

Cutting Oil and Lubricant

Control the concentration of cutting oils and lubricants to reduce the risk of damages on cutting tools

Cutting and cooling oils and lubricants are widely used in the electronic, mechanical and optical industry. The main purpose of these oils is to ensure the proper cooling of the cutting and polishing machines and to prevent the damaging of the product and cutting tools. The control of lubricant oil concentration is important to ensure good and constant quality of the produced parts. In particular when the tolerances of the product are very low, the precision of the tools depends also on the size of the lubricant layer on the surface of the cutting tool. This layer is influenced by the concentration of the cutting oil. If there is an over-dosage of the oil, the fat has to be removed using chemicals. The over-dosage can also cause the forming of foams. If there is a lack of the lubricant because of the under-dosage, the product and the cutting tools can be damaged.Cutting fluid is a kind of coolant and lubricant used for processes in metalworking, such as stamping and machining. There are different types of cutting fluids, like oils, oil-water emulsions, pastes, gels and many more. The Schmidt + Haensch compact process refractometer is a great tool to monitor the quality of those slurries and maintain highest quality standards.

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