Multi-product interfaces for crude oil/ fuel oil and diesel

Multi-product interfaces for crude oil/ fuel oil and diesel

Identifying fuel types in-line 

With complex distribution systems, fuel oils are transported from oil refineries to end-users. As different types of fuels are handled and passed through these systems, identifying the fuel type correctly is necessary. The fuels are directed into product tanks at the discharging end of the distribution system. Because product contamination can be very expensive, precise and reliable interface detection is required to ensure that each product is filled into the right tank.

Fields of application

The pipeline operating and refinery personnel identifies the interface through color variation visually. By using of markers such as dyes (pigs), these visual indicators are sometimes improved. Also sampling is done to verify identification. The time the interface is passed is extremely short, typically less than five minutes, exact time depends on the flow rate. This requires a fast response in order to make the correct selections. Crude oils of different origins have different refractive indices. To be able to differentiate between the various types of crude oil is also important for the user. The iPR-EX process refractometer of Schmidt + Haensch provides in-line and real-time measuring for interface detection. The typical refractive indices for different fuels vary between 1.400 and 1.4630 at a temperature of 25°C (77°F).Schmidt + Haensch explosive proof process refractometer iPR-EX The iPR-EX is an electronic, microprocessor-controlled process refractometer. The measuring cell – a main component of the measuring head – is made of stainless steel and contains a sapphire prism. The measuring head, which is also water and dust proof according to IP 67, consists of the measuring head case, the measuring cell and the measuring head casing cover.

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