Starch Sweetener / Dextrose/ Fructose and Glucose Syrups Measurement

Starch Sweetener / Dextrose/ Fructose and Glucose Syrups Measurement

Control the quality of starch sweetener production processes and blending of fructose and glucose syrups Starch products like glucose and fructose syrups are often used as sweeteners in food products like soft drinks, fruit drinks, alcoholic beverages, jams, sweets, ice cream and preserves. Besides these and many other food applications, starch products are also used for pharmaceutical applications. The high demands on quality control of the highly complex production processes in the starch sweetener industry require the use of precise inline process refractometers to monitor the starch concentration at each relevant process stage throughout these production processes.The Schmidt+Haensch IPR In-Line Process Refractometers allow the continuous real-time measurement of starch concentration directly in the process pipes, vessels and tanks. Besides data transmission to the PLC, the IPR can also directly operate magnetic valves and thereby provide a reliable control mechanism to maintain the intended mixing ratio in blending processes.

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