Flow-through tube

Tubes with funnel and riser for Polarimeter and Colorimeter

  • Robust stainless-steel
  • Simple filling with funnel
  • Ideal to measure large sample quantities in flow-through

ID-N° 09212

ID-N° 09213

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Polarimeter tubes of SCHMIDT + HAENSCH are designed for different applications. All tubes meet the ICUMSA recommendations, class A (±0.01%) and the corresponding specifications of the O.I.M.L. and the Australian
Standard K 157 regarding construction and precision. In general: Longer measuring tubes are more reliable than short ones. Sample heterogeneity and residues from previous samples have a larger influence on the accuracy of the
measurement when applying shorter tubes. Larger sample volumes ensure more stability. An exception is the case of
dark samples; a shorter measuring tube might be necessary due to the high absorption of light.

ID-N° 09212

ID-N° 09213



 Description Length in mm Volume in
Polarimeter tube with
funnel and riser
standard 100 12.0 09212
200 17.0 09213

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