Aquisys 2008

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  • Encrypted remote mode
  • User management
  • Backup function
Aquisys 2008

Optional to our high precision measuring instruments, Schmidt + Haensch offers you the completely 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software AQUISYS 2008. This software enables you to control your polarimeters, refractometers and density meters with your PC.


  • The integrated, though independent program “VALIDATE” checks the integrity of Aquisys before every run
  • Remote operation of SCHMIDT+HAENSCH’s laboratory instruments (Polartronic, Saccharomat and ATR) with your PC
  • Audit trail function (history logging, one or all users divided by event type)
  • Report generation
  • Electronic signature which is unmistakably attributed to a person
  • The system is able to generate accurate and complete paper prints of the electronic records
  • “Manual signing” area at printouts
  • Encrypted electronic data storage and archiving
  • Backup (of complete settings, audit trail and reports) function -> storing as .zip-files
  • Reload backups
  • User management with individually configurable access rights for every user
  • Logging of electronic recordings and modifications including user information as well as date and time stamp
  • Explicit identification of the connected measuring instruments
  • Passwords with at least seven characters and one alphabetic character
  • Encrypted remote mode
  • Single and repeated measurements

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